Our solutions

Multillect is a machine translation system with high quality of text translation, flexible architecture and efficient linguistic support. It uses a hybrid approach, combining the advantages of semantic, statistical and rule-based methods, while avoiding their disadvantages. The main development of the company is a translation module that can be embedded anywhere.

Our audience — any users for whom a machine translation can be useful:

We provide the unique technology. Our translation module flexibility allows to use it for application in any device:

Application of the Technology

  • Automatic text translation;
  • Multilanguage websites and social platforms;
  • Online chats and messengers with the function of instant messages translation;
  • Multilanguage educational programs;
  • Speech-to-Text-to-Speech translations;
  • Automatic translation in software and games;
  • Translations in the field of communication services;
  • Business processes outsourcing;
  • Checking spelling and grammar;
  • ... and much more that you can only imagine in the field of translation technology.

We invite creators of projects of any level of complexity, which requires high-quality machine translation.