We started to work on developing a unique technology of automated translation in 2007, in Dubai, UAE. For this ambitious project we’ve gathered a team of dedicated professional linguists, programmers, translators, etc., all with extensive experience in their respective fields from all over the world. After years of hard work we have reached impressive results and are now ready to share them with you.

Today Multillect is the world’s most advanced system of automatic translation. Our mission is to provide the highest translation quality in the market. From the very start of our work we’ve identified the following priorities:

  • High-quality translation;
  • Direct translation within language pair without resorting to the master-language;
  • Translation quality improvement based on user corrections;
  • Adding of a new language in the shortest time (within one year);
  • Ability to add an unlimited number of languages;
  • Possibility to translate any content in real time;
  • High-speed translation on different platforms (PC, mobile devices, wearable electronics, etc.);
  • You can create any application, running without an internet connection.

Multillect - is the system of automatic translation with high quality results. It has the advantages of all three existing approaches:

  • Multillect uses advantages of the three existing approaches, while eliminating their disadvantages.
  • It based on rules with applying statistics and semantics to improve the quality of translation;
  • Flexible structure allows to apply any improvements.